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We have more than $50,000 in cash and gear to give to the selected submissions.

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Staff Favorites

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“Hypnos” is a sci-fi feature film that combines ancient Greek myths with orthodox prophecies. It is the year 2060. Thick fog has swallowed up the world for the past 30 years. This has led to the ba...

Submitted by Athanasia Michopoulou

Dream On

A True Story of immense human courage, while bringing you to tears, also fill you with hope... Three friends escaped Cuba on a raft. Floating off from the coast of Matanzas, they were at sea for f...

Submitted by Igor Mokhovyk

A Stroll on a Bridge

The film opens on a full moon, contrasted against an inky, black sky with a title on screen “A Stroll on a Bridge” and pans down to a man dressed in a suit walking on a bridge. The camera follows...

Submitted by Jennie Strader

Schoolyard Heroes

Bobby, a smart but stubborn student ignores a test that sits on his desk. He leaves the class prematurely, never setting pencil to paper. During a pep rally, Bobby along with his ac...

Submitted by Kristopher Weaver


BORN TREATMENT By: Raphael Rogers | © 2016 www.raphaelrogers.com The Story A forest of tall redwoods and pines. Fog laces the ground. An enormous tree. Alex’s eyes open. He’s 33. Cut a...

Submitted by Raphael Rogers

Cage... (The Freedom)

Its a story about a girl named Ahaana. Her father gifted her a pet bird. It was kept in a beautiful cage. Ahaana use to feed the bird and give water to him every single morning without fail. She loved...

Submitted by Riyan Alva

Everything Connects

Everything Connects takes us on a journey to Juneau, Alaska to reveal the intricacies of the ecosystem and how they are all interconnected. For an example, the small minerals that are scraped from the...

Submitted by Mircea Brown

Detroit : The Diary

Hello, My name is Alex Conley. I am a African American male, born in the city of Detroit. I am 33 years old and i have spent the past 10 years as a Photographer and Videographer. I am currently fre...

Submitted by Alex Conley


short movie western, thriller,drama. The greatest drought destroyed the Utah in 1782, most of all it affects one of the estates. Cut off from the civilized world and the ways of water supply, it...

Submitted by John Twary


'MY PERFECT YOU' A world full of imperfection, in which you have to be perfect. We live in a world in which achieving is the norm and in which we put the bar higher and higher. This is largely bec...

Submitted by Lisette Vlassak

Caretakers of the Soil

We all come from dirt. We’re made up of the same carbon, nitrogen, minerals and vitamins that make up soil. But modern agriculture and industrialization have depleted and polluted our soil and urbaniz...

Submitted by Dana Hopper

Writer Blocked

EMMA DANIELS, an agoraphobic best-selling and award winning author, hasn’t left her apartment in over a year. The once jet -setting media personality, who found joy shaking the hands of her sci-fi obs...

Submitted by Alexandra Williams

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Film Initiative voting has officially closed.

Winners will be announced soon.